Thankful Things

Remember when I was all, *gush* "There's so much to do in Chicago in the fall." *gush*

Here's proof:
Friendly friends What r u Wearing

a. My friend Stephanie (of Wandering for Good fame) was in town for the Chicago Marathon.
    Bummer: missed her during the race
    Thankful: we caught up for coffee before she finished her jaunt around the world

b. I got to check out a preview of WhatRUWearing.net and meet the ladies behind the new website.
    Bummer: it's awkward posting running clothes or yoga pants (often what I'm wearing)
    Thankful: took my own picture in the WhatRUWearing mirror!

Freud's Last Stand @ The Mercury Baby Photo Shoot

c. As a Saint (blog post on that to come...) I got to volunteer during a production of Freud's Last Session. The play is a fictionalized account of a meeting between C.S. Lewis and Freud just before his suicide. Two brilliant men. Two radically different world views. One fascinating production.
    Bummer: getting showtime wrong and showing up 2 hours early instead of 1. Whoops
    Thankful: having a chance to see a Jeff nominated play practically FREE

d. Sweet Anna brought her parents down to Chicago to hang out last weekend.
    Bummer: no such thing when Anna's involved.
    Thankful: having a set of "couple" friends where all four of you get along.

Chicago Film Festival Swanky Night at Blackstone

e. I attended a fascinating panel discussion on adapting novels (and other material) into screen plays this week at the Chicago Film Festival.
   Bummer: can't think of one single thing: well organized, friendly staff/volunteers, informative speakers
   Thankful: knowing the film festival is still going on and I have a ticket to Silver Linings Playbook this week!

f. Fantastic Mad Men inspired looks, oldies pop music to keep the crowd entertained, and the breathtaking Blackstone Hotel Ballroom made the Fashion Follows Interiors event quite a spectacle. 
   Bummer: $5 for water even with "VIP" access left me feeling a bit parched
   Thankful: a great opportunity to people watch and network with members of the Chicago Blogger Network.

What's got you saying Thank You this week?