Go Bears

Admittedly, I've always been a bigger fan of baseball than football. But we lived in SEC territory for five years and now we're less than a mile from Soldier Field. It sort of feels like somebody is trying to convince me to reconsider.

I'll tell you one thing that would help, some cute Bears gear to wear to an upcoming game.  Soldier Field is an open-air stadium and I'm not sure if you've heard but it can get pretty chilly in Chicago during football season. Not only would these pieces look good, they would most definitely come in handy.

This Monday night, the Bears play the Detroit Lions (right, Karen?) at 7:30 at Soldier Field. Our neighborhood should be hopping. It doesn't look like the temperature is going to drop low enough (or that I'm going to have a ticket) to make these a necessity. But that means I have a little bit of time to collect all three pieces before my first Bears game.

How about you?
Football, baseball or something even better?