Spring Fahion Week: VI

I thought the first time I would wear this dress would be to my cousin’s baby shower.  It's happening, as I type, in the Lou. But, as we all know life happens and plans change. Now, instead of spending this weekend in St. Louis, we’re having Easter in Chattanooga. Which means this dress has been repurposed. Instead of wearing it to celebrate the coming birth of those two little twin boys with my extended family, I get to wear it on a sushi date with my handsome hubby. Date with the hubby + sushi = Pretty fun way to spend the evening. I’m definitely missing the extended family, and all the craziness that comes with them, but I am quite content with my consolation prize.

That’s why this outfit is called my “repurposed” look.

*My dress is from the Liberty of London line for Target. You can find it HERE.
*I’ve had these fishnet stockings for more than 20 years. They were purchased as part of a dance recital costume when I was in middle school. They’ve been through the war with me and I love, love, love them.
*My ballet flats are also from Target. I do love a pop of color.
*Headband I found at Kohl’s on sale… but, I’ve seen them in stores EVERYWHERE. It’s not the most unique accessory, but I think it’s adorable.


Please try to ignore the funky, old-lady-with-droopy-nylons-like bunching happening at my ankle. It's difficult, I know.

After a week of posing here's how I feel about having my picture taken. Attractive, right?

Welp, I guess tomorrow is the very last day of Spring Fashion Week. It’s not too late to check out all the ladies’ looks over at Emery Jo’s blog, moms are for everyone.

Happy Easter, everyone.


Chelsea said...

oh my goodness, how funny-we ARE wearing the same head band. it looks fabulous on you darling, just fabulous.

Great outfit btw.

Emery Jo said...

i love:
the layers on that adorable dress.
Your tights.
And you face!!!


Andrea Terry said...

Soooo cute! Purple shoes!

Tiffany Ann said...

Great outfit! Loving the tights!

Rachael said...

This outfit looks so well thought out and original! The fishnets, the great dress, the pop of color and the headband = flawless!

Unknown said...

I make faces like that on a regular basis. Sometimes it is just more fun that way. Love the fun touches like fishnet stockings and shoes that pop!

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

Love the outfit!