Spring Fashion Week: VII

To celebrate the last day of Spring Fashion Week, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned about my style, style in general & blogging over the last week.

1. I like to wear cardigans. The first four outfits that I posted this week included cardigans. (Oh and on day 2 I forgot to credit the Gap with my super soft, green striped cashmere cardigan.)
2. Unexpected color can be easily added with shoes. I’ve got some crazy bright shoes and I’m not afraid to use them.
3. Thrifting is a GOLDmine that I have yet to tap. I would love to hone my skills.
4. There are a lot of ladies with really amazing style out there, and I’m prepared to steal each and every one of your looks!
5. Blogging is MUCH more fun when it’s done in community. I’ve been a semi-silent blog reader forever. After this week, my silence has been broken!  I'm stoked to continue to read and chat with the other bloggers I "met."
6. Hearing (or reading) that you look great, or that your outfit is cute never, ever, ever gets old.

Now, without further ado, here’s my seventh and final look.
I’m calling this one my, “Please, Mr. Paparazzi, no more pictures" look.

* The shirt & supersized sunglasses were bought at Target. Seriously, half of my wardrobe comes from that place.
* The white jeans (which I do also wear during the winter) are Calvin Klein and I got them at one of Macy’s weekly “biggest sales of the year.”
* The coral wedges and matching earrings are from Payless.
* One of my bracelets is another piece my mother-in-law bequeathed to me from her awesome jewelry collection. As far as the trio of brown bead bracelets goes, I’m clueless as to their origin.

I guess a week in front of the camera brings out my sassy side.
It's probably a good thing this week is over, who knows what tomorrow's pictures might have looked like.

Ummm, I pulled the jeans up a bit to get a shot of the shoes. I swear they aren't that length in person...
That’s it, folks.  The very last day of Spring Fashion Week 2010. But don't fret, all the ladies’ fantabulous looks are still posted on Emery Jo’s blog, moms are for everyone. Isn't she so amazing for hosting all this fun?  (Thanks, Emery)  And as long as I'm handing out thanks... Thanks, readers, for humoring me checking out my pics all week. And more importantly, thank you for the kind compliments and for posting such great inspirational looks!  Next week it’s back to regularly scheduled programming. Thankfully, I’m taking away a couple of new blogs to read and a bunch of new fashion ideas. I'm hoping maybe you are too!


Rachael said...

Thanks for participating! It's been fun to see your outfits all week. I love the spunk and attitude of this one! Plus all the little matching details of course. Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

Um, fabulous. You are totally working it in that first shot! Love the shoes. I agree, colorful shoes are sometimes the perfect answer to a semi regular outfit. :)

Whitney said...

I love how you have that pop of color with your shoes in every outfit- so fun! I'm so not good about doing that- I feel like everything has to "match" perfectly.