Spring Fashion Week: V

Heaps of thanks to you for all the sweet, inspiring love that you’ve been showing this week. I was super reluctant to participate, and now I’m just so very, very glad that I have played along. It’s been such a blast.

Today’s outfit is fully inspired by a couple of lovely ladies who are also taking part in Spring Fashion Week. Emery Jo’s fashion tip “Find people whose style you like, and try to re-create it with what you've got!” got me thinking about Rachael’s Wednesday outfit (which turns out was inspired by Katy’s Tuesday outfit). So, here’s what I found in my closet this morning (though, it is technically afternoon by now).

We’ll call this the “running around and getting stuff done look.”

-Plaid shirt is Mossimo Supply Co (aka ~ Target).
-Grey tank & khaki skirt are wardrobe staples that have been my friends for awhile. Originally they lived in an Old Navy store.
-My grommet belt came with a pair of pants that I, we'll just say "outgrew", but thankfully the belt still works.
-Yellow loafers are made by Me TOO. I found them at Marshall’s and they are ridiculously comfortable and blissfully close to feeling like slippers. Incidentally, I rescued these very shoes from the jaws of this beast this morning. He only chews shoes occasionally*.
-Necklace was a gift picked with love from Leo Handmade Gallery a fantastic local shop.


Back for some pics in the giant living room mirror.


The very best part about this outfit is its comfort factor. I’ve been playing dress up and enjoying the sunshine all week, so today it’s time to get down to business. I have some very glamorous tasks to complete including tackling the pile of laundry that has taken over my closet.

In the interest of full disclosure, this was not the FIRST outfit I put on today. However, I will spare you from seeing my workout clothes. I shook my thang with Miss Olivia (who inspired today's 'do) this morning in a cardio dance class. It wasn’t pretty (of course I'm speaking only of myself, not of Olivia) but it sure was fun.

AANNNNND as long as you’re in a reading mood, you should take a few more minutes and visit Spring Fashion week central. (Spring Fashion Week) There are some really stylish ladies showing off their duds.  You REALLY should visit now before this wonderful week ends!

*occasionally = anytime he can get his teeth on them


neverenoughcoffee said...

I can't wait til I can braid my hair again! i like the subtle colors in your outfit. Just right.

Chelsea said...

dang girl. so cute. love the shoes.

Rachael said...

Wow! You look great and you're making me want some cute yellow shoes too! I am SO very flattered you liked my outfit. :D
You are one lucky lady that you can look so darn cute while being comfortable!

Emery Jo said...

so so so cuuuuute! great job!

Audra said...

wish i looked that cute when i'm running around getting things done!!! =D

C.G. Koens said...

Okay...I'm just now stumbling onto these posts and I realize they are about clothes - but oh my word! Is that your house in the picture?? If so, the green color is basically the color of our master bedroom and the dining room (?) colors are similar to our library colors. Did you paint or are these colors you are putting up with? If you painted - woo hoo! If you're just putting up with, well, I still love the colors (obviously since they are in MY house!). :-)