"I Wanted to Tell You Something..."

Just after school each day a pair of little boy eyes peek in our front door. The dog goes wacko with excitement because THE BOYS ARE HERE TO SAY HELLO!

After more than a year of living next door to a vacant house, new neighbors moved in about a month ago. They have 5 children. Three of those children (a set of 7 year old twin boys and their 5 year old brother) like to stop by and visit. Daily. What’s fun is that they like to share very important and hysterical tidbits about their lives.

Imagine opening the door to an adorable toothless midget who typically says something like, “I wanted to tell you something.” They always start with, “I wanted to tell you something…” and then follow up with a very entertaining “something.” Typically along the lines of:

“Next week is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and we’re going to have green eggs and ham for breakfast.”
“We don’t have school on Tuesday and we’re going to the Y to go swimming. Will you and Spike come with us?”
“The weather man said it is going to storm all weekend so Mom said MAYBE we can go some place fun if I start obeying her.”
“We got new shoes. Want to see them?”
“We had blueberry pancakes for lunch.”
“We were watching TV and Dad said, ‘It’s time for a nap or you need to go outside.’”

In the last few days they’ve also started bringing cards for me to open.  ...as if their visits weren't gift enough!  When I opened the blue card I asked if this was a picture of me and the hubby. “No," one of the twins replied with a sheepish grin.  "That’s you and me.”

What was the handsome hubby’s response to our sweet little neighbor's declaration of love artistic expression, you ask? “Looks like I need to keep my eye on that kid.”

Don’t worry, sweetie, you won’t have to look too far. They’re sure to be over sometime after 3.


Vicki said...

Very, very CUTE!

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

this is so cute! it's scary what our kids say about us when we're not around.... =D

Anonymous said...

They must sense your obvious dislike for kids.(NOT)It's always a great way to meet your neighbor. Kids are reckless and fancy free!!

TBAIC said...

I love this, so much. How friggin adorable are they?