This Somehow Turned into a Shameless Request for Gifts?!?!

You know about Apartment Therapy right?  I'm sure you do.  But just in case, let me be the first to point you over there.  It’s a fantastic blog (actually it’s a network of blogs) focused on home interiors – how to’s, inspiration, etc. The virtual house tours allow you to walk through someone else's space without tracking mud through their den and getting their dog all riled up. When I visit a home, I swoon over the owner's decor, steal a few ideas and delight in the fact that we are fortunate enough to have an adorable little "cottage" to dress up too.

Spend enough time taking house tours and you're bound to come across one of these puppies. These "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters have found prominent spots in several homes and have thoroughly captured my heart. Truth is, I am not above blatant theft when it comes to interior decorating (I have no skills, as I've mentioned before). The crisp design of the poster appeals to me but not as much as the message. Honestly, I could not read/remember/apply/embody it enough.

When I was hunting for the posters I discovered that they have an interesting history. Originally created during WWII by a British propaganda machine governmental agency, they were intended to be circulated if the Nazis succeeded in taking the UK. While the posters were never used for their intended purposes, the design was rediscovered and commercialized (according to Wikipedia) in 2000. This is how they've found themselves hanging on the walls of American hipsters and the trendy Apartment Therapy elite.

Well, sign me up. I’m all about being HIP. (Wait, does the fact that I admit that and do all I can to be hip make me the antithesis of hip?  Don't answer that.)

The good news is I found the posters! And let me tell you, this metallic silver one would be PUUURfect in our master bath. hint. hint. They can be purchased on Etsy and are very reasonably priced. Created by Victoria Smith, they come in a rainbow of colors and have I mentioned that I WANT ONE? Wait, I was talking about Victoria Smith. Sorry. Smith describes herself as "a San Francisco based blogger, photographer, graphic designer and bonafide flea market queen." Check out her Etsy shop here. She also has a print entitled “Please let me be the person my Dog thinks I am.” Cute, right?

AND while you’re at it, my birthday is coming up. Need some shopping ideas? Since you’re headed over to Etsy anyway, you should totally check out my wish list.

Not quite sure how this morphed into an “I’m going to ask for birthday presents” post. But, it has and I’m going with it. Apparently it’s more Self Indulgent than usual Saturday around A Foreign Land. Thanks for visiting!


Olivia said...

Cute. I think CB2 has this on a rug. : )

lisa c said...

hey, have you ever seen the collection of posters the american government commissioned during the war? they are amazing...if you would like to be bored with the details, i can even give you the whole art history monologue.

one fascinating thing: the w.p.a. (look it up, it's amazing!) employed many of the most prominent american artists of the time. under the governments' patronage, screen printing as an art form really went from relative obscurity to total domination. there would haven been no andy warhol without all those wpa artists cranking out the propaganda for the government.

ohmygosh i am a nerd!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you're bday gift is already purchased and will soon be on it's way to you.

Lbeck said...

Just in case you aren't really prepared to hang it on the wall and look at it every day, a nice alternative.