The Puppy - Chapter 6

I think that Spike got switched at the vet. I’m not kidding. I think that when we took our sweet, well-behaved and considerate puppy in to be boarded for a few days he was snatched. I'm pretty sure that one of the vet techs realized what a wonderful, loving animal she was getting to care for and decided to take him home. In the whirlwind of her selfish love affair she filled his cage with a hyper, demanding and ornery beast that we had to bring back to our family.

Does this kind of thing happen??

Because the puppy that I am now feeding isn’t the one that I remember dropping off. He barks a lot more. We’ve had to re-teach all of his “tricks” – you know the hard stuff like, sit, down, & off. The spray bottle that used to stop him in his tracks no longer fazes him. And I’m a bit worried about a possible closet addiction to crack that he may have developed. He has so much energy all of a sudden! And now he only requires 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night where he used to get 8 or 9?!?!

Luckily, we’re learning to adapt to and love our new dog. And we’re slowly molding this impostor into something reminiscent of the sweet little guy we dropped off that fateful morning.

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suzesliv said...

I think he misses your being home with him a lot more. He will adapt, but it takes time.