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While I was at work today, this sweet little stray kitten found its way to our door. She looked so pitiful and cold that I went and got her something to eat. I immediately felt a tug at my heart.

I figured that she must be pregnant – considering where I work - and that she obviously needed someone to love on her. Sooooo, I took her into my vet and dropped her off to see if she had a chip in her and if she was flea infested, pregnant or carrying any really harmful diseases. I thought this would give me time to talk with my husband and try to convince him to let me bring her home.

The conversation with the hubby did not go well. He was not at all interested in inviting her into our family. Honestly, this did not surprise me. And I trusted his judgment. He tends to be the more rational, level headed of the two of us.

Once we got off of the phone, I researched “no kill” shelters in our area. Unable to find one that had any immediate openings… I asked the hubby if he would pick her up at the vet and take her to the humane society. I couldn’t bear to take her to the gas chamber. He agreed and I began my grieving process.

Imagine my surprise when the vet called back to tell me that he was not pregnant. I hadn’t looked too closely not wanting to invade the cat’s privacy. I let the vet know that my husband would be along to pick him up shortly.

About 30 minutes later I got a call from the hubby who was beginning to bond with the little stray. Apparently he is 6 to 8 months old, and his beautiful face and sweet temperament won the hubby over on the short drive from the vet to the humane society. He called me wanting to know what I’d like to name him if we kept him. I was overjoyed.
He decided we could keep “Vance” (he’s named after the road where our clinic is located) for a few weeks, on a trial basis, at least until there is an opening at a no kill shelter.

But that darn cat! Brian made it all the way back home with him sleeping in the car like a little angel. But, as soon as they got to the parking lot, just steps away from the front door, the darn thing jumped out of his arms and ran. Brian (who relayed the story with much disappointment) said every time he’d try to reach for him, Vance would hiss!

So, there will be no new cat for the page family tonight. That cat doesn’t know what he’s missing.

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Anonymous said...

Bright idea having brian pick "him" up....just enough time to "fall" for the cat? That's the girl I know.
As always, I am impressed by your writing, and enjoy reading every word. I feel like you are sitting right next to me, telling me your story. And I chuckle constantly. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your new found, and old family. You are missed and loved and thought of often. Your blog is awesome, and I have it stored as a favorite, so I will check it often. Please keep writing. Love much.......Shookie.