Running Toward Spring

Back in December I ran the Rudolph Ramble 10K and it was the best run of my life. It was a distance record for me, I felt great while running (despite the chilly temps) and it gave me confidence that I might actually be a runner.

Obviously I followed the victory up by taking a day off. The day turned into a couple of days, which turned into a couple of weeks. Before I knew it it was the middle of February and I hadn't run at all. My poor shoes stayed in the tub for days.

(For the record - we have a separate shower.)

I knew I wanted to get back out there. I sleep better, feel better, look better when I'm active. Now that Spring is here, running is back on my radar. So I registered for the Soldier Field 10 mile race on May 25th. Not only does the distance intimidate and excite me, I get to finish on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field! Plus, setting a "reach" goal like this will, hopefully, motivate me.

But in order to prepare I've started signing up for races like a mad woman. On April 28th I'm running the The Race That's Good For Life with Erin from Eri-thon. I think I've realized that the only thing that keeps me out on the street is knowing I have a finish line to cross and T-shirt to collect.

And to ensure the shoes don't end up in the tub for days again, I signed up for the The Color Run on June 16th. It's not a timed race, but I saw so many color run-esque aftermaths on my routes last summer I had to be part of one this year. It was a FOMO decision.

Then, because I'm seriously considering a half marathon at some point this year I figured I should add the Esprit de She 10K on July 18th. If I'm still running and smiling by this point then a half in the Fall just might be added to the list. There I said it. I'm putting it out there.

But it's going to take some WORK! I'm so bummed that after such a short break, my training seems to be back at square one. I'm kicking myself for taking those weeks off. But I know I trained and accomplished it last year and I can do it again!

What about you, are you a runner? 
What races are on your calendar this Spring?