On Tap for April

I've been in a blogging funk. Have you noticed?

To snap out of it I've decided to join a little blog hop. I mean if I can't get the energy to create one post, why not commit to a full month's worth of work, right? Seems totally logical...

Arlee Bird came up with the blogging from A to Z challenge back in 2010. In the past few years it's grown leaps and bounds. This year, I was #1321 to jump on board and the list keeps growing.

Here's the beauty of joining the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, it kills 3 birds with one stone.
  1. It's a way to light a fire under my bloggy bum and push me to get content published
  2. I've picked a theme that will help me cross an item off my day zero listy list
  3. I'll {hopefully} connect with a few new blogger buddies - which is always inspiring
Each day of April - except Sundays - I'll be posting a Chicago photo corresponding to that day's letter. By the end of April, I will be able to cross #59 "Take a Picture for Each Letter of the Alphabet" off my day zero list.

That would really be good because my 1001 days end in July and I'm only 24% complete. YIKES!

Have any blogging plans for April? Have I got an idea for you...