A Christmas (Closet) Miracle

With so many perfectly festive events happening in Chicago right now, a girl starts to wonder if her closet can keep up.

It's during those times that the Christmas (closet) miracle, Pinterest, comes in handy. A little Pinterest and my imagination and I'm perfectly dressed for every upcoming holiday outing.

On the sixth day of Christmas I imagined exactly what I would wear if my closet was magically filled by Santa and his Pinterest elves.

1. Hot Chocolate at the Walnut Room
Yes, I've attempted to be seated at the Walnut Room twice and been scared away by the monumental lines. But, I hope, that before this holiday season is over I will plant my buns in a seat under that magnificent tree while I sip hot chocolate.

2. The Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker
Source: evokingyou.com via Molly

So, we know this is a dream because I can't remember the last time I wore heels. For the Nutcracker this weekend, I plan to pull out a pair though. Santa better get cracking if I hope to wear this pretty pair.

3. Chicago Trolley Holiday Lights Tour

Winter Wonderful

Nothing says Christmas like buildings and trees wrapped in twinkle lights. Can't wait to hop on a trolley and check out Chicago all twinkled up. I maaaaaaay even sing my own version of The Trolley Song.

4. Christkindlmarket

Yes, I've been over to the Christkindlmarket three times already this season. But let's be honest, I'll be there again. Next time (in my imagination) I'll be wearing this.

5. A Christmas Carol at the Goodman

Source: ustrendy.com via Molly

Can one ever go wrong with chevron?

6. Stalking the Holiday Train

Source: modoration.com via Molly

I've left it up to chance to this point and I still haven't seen the fabled CTA Holiday train. It's time to get serious. I'm pulling the stalker skills out of the high school vault (I was a very accomplished stalker in high school...) and tracking down (pun intended) that train.

Any events on your calendar that require Santa and his Pinterest elves to style?