Chicago Must Have: Hats, Hats, Hats

So it all started a few weeks ago when I tried on this hat with the fuzzy ears.


The hubby tried to convince me that perhaps I'm a bit too not-young to wear fuzzy ears on my head.

Despite the abundance of lines around my eyes, I felt the need to convince him he was really, really wrong. So after we left the store without the fuzzy eared hat I began to talk about it non-stop. Non. Stop.


Well, it worked. The next time we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond, the hubby insisted I have it. Relentless for the win.

The fuzzy eared hat is just the latest addition to my hat wardrobe. One thing I've noticed about Chicago is there are a ton of adorable hats in this town. Chicagoans take their cozy outerwear seriously. And I am happily jumping on board and joining the cool kids.

Here are a few that are already in my closet and one or two that will be soon.

Winter Hats

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What's your go-to winter head gear?