Blogging In Community

When it comes to social media, a lot of people have the "media" part nailed but their "social" game is lacking. We have lots to say, lots to share, sometimes lots to preach. But we forget to listen, interact, promote and participate with others.

I understand. For years I was one of those people. Some days I'm still one of those people. When things get busy, the social side of blogging seems to be the first thing to fall to the end of the day's "to do" list. I get my post up, throw a few tweets in the buffer and cross it off the list.

Social media in general, and blogging in particular can become a megaphone to blast my thoughts instead of a social endeavor to interact with others. But on the days when the conversation is one-way it isn't nearly as rewarding.

Today on Smart and Savvy Style, I've written a guest post about the social side of blogging. Building relationships through blogging has become the unintended payoff of A Foreign Land.

I never dreamed that I might find friends or even a job through my blog. But that is exactly what has  happened.

First, though, I had to change my blog from a monologue to a vehicle for conversation. Once I did, I began to see and experience a real change.

I might not have an enormous audience. I haven't gotten a book deal or become a household name. But through regular blogging, I've developed a community that I cherish and friends I might never have connected with otherwise.

Do you put as much "social" as you do "media" into your social media?