How The New Job Came About - The Rest of the Story

This post is Part 4 in what has become a series on my new jobby job. 
Here are the first installments in case you need to catch up.

...where were we?

I was on the phone with Becky Robinson. She was being all encouraging and kind and warm and Becky-ish.

During our conversation I learned more about her new company, Weaving Influence. She explained that Weaving Influence offers a broad range of social media services including consulting, coaching, training, and implementation support. The company works primarily with authors by connecting them with their current and potential online audiences. As we spoke I learned that Becky was assembling a team of bright, capable women across the country. I realized that I wanted to be a part of her team.

Before our conversation ended, she offered to mentor me. She explained that she knew Weaving Influence was growing and that her team needed to grow too. If she spent time training us now, when the work was there, we would be ready. It was encouraging to hear her thinking ahead and planning for the future. I loved her positivity and sense of vision. Plus, her belief in me was incredibly flattering. We discussed scheduling weekly training calls and I enthusiastically agreed. She explained that during this mentoring period, she would share resources and suggest useful tools that I could research and get to know.

We agreed I should talk the idea over with the hubby, but I knew there was no way I was passing up this opportunity.

We (the hubby and I) discussed it. He was encouraging and excited for me. I happily accepted Becky's offer and looked forward to soaking up as much as I could during the training period.

And then something even cooler happened.

A few days later, Becky called me to offer an assignment. That's right, an actual PAID assignment. Once I was finished jumping for joy, I accepted in a very professional non-jumping for joy way and got to work. Apparently, she was pleased with what I turned in because assignments continued to come.

mornings now

So that's where we are now. I'm still being trained and mentored (and learning a ton) but have also picked up a steady stream of work in the process. All those years of blogging and playing on social media have given me a few tricks and tools that are coming in handy. But what's exciting is that there is so, so much more to learn and so, so much that Becky can teach me.

My official title is Implementation Specialist and Photographer. My daily work involves navigating Twitter, Facebook, & G+. I'm formatting blog posts, creating graphics and even planning photo shoots. I work from home, or the library, or a coffee shop - wherever I have an Internet connection. And my hours are flexible. That is an aspect of the job that is incredibly appealing and will also prove to be challenging.

Being married to a man who doesn't work a typical nine to five job, it's great to have a job that is flexible. I can be around when he is and working when when he isn't. But it is going to require some boundaries and a little bit of discipline on my part too. Because I love what I'm doing and was doing some of it as a hobby before this incredible opportunity presented itself, sometimes it's hard to not work constantly. In fact, I've written about that struggle in a guest post today. If you're not already sick of reading about me, you should check it out.

So, ya, basically it's the dream job that I never dreamed existed. It's been a total blessing so far and I'm pretty amazed to be so fortunate. I'm excited about what the future holds as Weaving Influence continues to grow. I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me.

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a dream job you never dreamed existed?