A Magical Combination of Film and Food

Next week, four of my favorite words are combining to create something so magical I can hardly believe it's real.

But it is real. I'm serious. There's a food film festival happening in Chicago. And you can get tickets right here.

The festival is comprised of 4 events happening November 15th - 17th where the audience gets to taste what they see on screen.

Chicago Food Film Festival

Each of the four events is a collection of short films centered around a particular theme. Then, in a stroke of genius, the audience gets to enjoy a tasting menu before (and sometimes during) the films.

But you want to know something even more special? The festival is hosted by and benefits The Good Food Project. Their mission is to introduce children to, "the exquisite flavors of the earth's bounty to help them develop a lifelong love of good food and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life."

I'm hoping to attend Edible Adventure #006: Chicavo! on Saturday the 17th. In addition to six short films and a mouth watering menu this event will include Matt Timms' Avocado Takedown. The "Takedown" is a competition between twenty amateur chefs creating avocado masterpieces for the audience to judge.

So let's recap.

  • A Collection of Short Films
  • A Menu Filled with Great Food
  • A Worthy Cause

Who's coming with me?