A Day at the Beach - In February

What are the first words that come to your mind when I say February in Chicago? Probably not, "a day at the beach." Maybe it was the magic of leap day? Perhaps it was a special gift from God. But regardless, yesterday it was sixty degrees and sunny in Chicago. Not wanting to miss the momentous occasion, we grabbed the puppster and headed out into the wild blue yonder.

18th Street Metra Station
18th Street Metra Station and a view that'll make you swoon

Soldier Field
Soldier Field
{I appreciated the wind cooperating so that the flags would fly just right for this shot.}

Soldier Field

12th St Beach - Chicago
12th Street Beach

Uncertainty at Lake Michigan
Uncertain about Lake Michigan

Spike was not at all sure about the whole beach experience. As we tried to walk toward the water, he planted his butt in the grass and refused to go any further. I'm not sure if it was the sand or the sound of the waves, but suddenly he was having no part of the adventure. In deference to his serious issues cautious pause, we decided to sit on a rocky wall and view the lake from a distance. Apparently, the beach is not his thing.

12th St Beach - Chicago
Hard to believe this was taken in February

Today, temperatures were back in the 30s and the skies were a moody grey.  But these pictures are an itty bitty hint at what's in store for the summertime. An easy mile and a half walk to the water might be just what it takes to turn me into a beach bunny.

Any usually warm weather where you are? 
How have you taken advantage of it?