We're Paying Attention

Recently somebody told me,

"If you live in Chicago and don't care about politics and architecture
you aren't paying attention."

I can honestly say since moving to Chicago, the handsome hubby and I are definitely paying attention.

Magical Lighting - Magical View

Obviously I've got the architecture covered, but I'm a little bit surprised that the hubby is handling the politics part. I've always known that he had opinions, but suddenly he's sharing them. Regularly. And sometimes his opinions are totally wrong (translation: different than mine).

Maybe it's because he's become a news junkie. Suddenly, he watches the news at least once and sometimes two or even three times (if you count the Daily Show) a day. This is way out of character for him and very surprising to me.

I'm pretty sure that our television, that is MUCH more accustomed to playing Real Housewives and Top Chef than NBC Nightly News, isn't quite sure what's going on either.

Maybe it's because it's an election year. Maybe it's because Chicago's local news is a little more entertaining than what we're accustomed to. Or maybe it's this crazy, amazing city.

Chicago has made me realize how much I adore architecture so why should I be surprised that it's awakened a political interest in that man of mine?

Has your city fostered a new or surprising interest in your life?