Fall TV Superstar: Chicago

I have a question.

Is Chicago always such a dominant presence on network television? Or am I just hyper-sensitive this year?

...that was 2 questions, wasn't it?

Source: fox.com via Molly

On Monday night we watched the first of three new shows in the Fall television line up starring Chicago. The Mob Doctor has been filming around Chicago all summer.

I love, love, loved seeing Chicago locations. It's an interesting premise. Who doesn't love a mob show?  Unfortunately, I'm not sure even Evanston native and die hard Sox fan "7" (I think he has another name, but he'll always be "7" to me) can save this one. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not sure this one is long for this world.

Source: nbc.com via Molly

Next up, Revolution. I kind of totally dig this concept. It's a little Hunger Games, a little Walking Dead, and a little CW pretty people drama. Not one of those things is bad in my book. Plus, Bella's Dad is a total bad ass with a sword.

I like to think that J.J. Abrams' name will get people watching and keep this one around for awhile. But I'm trying not to get too attached, just in case.

Source: nbc.com via Molly

Chicago Fire doesn't start until October 10th. But I have a few concerns. I'm pretty sure nobody gets crowned the next (insert art | skill here) star during the season finale. I don't think they turn on one another and vote fire fighters out of the department. And nobody is winning a half a million dollars for putting out a fire the fastest.

Does it really stand a chance?

Are you watching any of these Chicago shows this season?