5 Reasons to Love Milwaukee

I'm developing a mad crush on Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee's Beautiful Veterans' Park

This weekend, we took a quick trip up to Brew City for the Milwaukee Kite Festival. And on the way home I started counting the reasons why I think that town is simply grand.

Milwaukee Kite Festival

1. There is the obvious reason that is illustrated in the photos above. It's full of pretty. Pretty lake front, pretty views... the place is just plain pretty. 

2. The city and its people seem mildly obsessed with cheese. If you ask me, there is nothing wrong with that. Cheese curds? Yes, please.

3. Milwaukee, like so many cities in the Midwest is chock full of big beautiful Catholic churches. And let's face it, hardly anyone does big beautiful churches like those crazy Catholics.

4. People are really nice there. And it isn't that "Bless your heart" kind of nice I had a healthy dose of down South. It's Wisconsin nice. There is a special kind of seemingly authentic, refreshingly genuine nice that I've encountered there. Maybe it's all the cheese?

5. Milwaukee is home to some pretty fantastic people.*

Gangsta Baby 2

Gangsta Baby
Remember Anna? Well, she's all grown up and totally gangsta.

Do you think there might be a correlation between the amount of cheese a person eats and how nice they are?

*Once again, Charlotte, we didn't get a picture taken together. THIS MUST STOP HAPPENING. Because you are definitely part of what makes Milwaukee pretty fantastic!
Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us.