Thankful for 6 Years Together

Earlier this week I told someone I was about to celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary.
The only problem is tomorrow is actually our 6th anniversary. Whoooops.


Maybe it's because we packed so much life into this year it feels like it was 2.
Maybe it's because I have a horrible memory.
Maybe it's because I made a mistake and I don't need to read more into it.

I feel like I couldn't say much more about marriage than I did in last year's anniversary post.

But I can always come up with plenty of reasons I'm thankful for my husband.

Makes Me Laugh
our rehearsal dinner

I'm thankful he continues to make me laugh.

Date Night
this was the best meal I've ever eaten

I'm thankful he learned early in our relationship that the way to my heart is through my stomach.

Crazy Years
in the midst of the crazy

I'm thankful we survived the crazy years. Because there were definitely some crazy years.

our costume periods didn't "match" but we looked gooooood

I'm thankful he plays along and embraces my silliness.

Mostly I'm just thankful we met. {here's how we met}

Happy Anniversary, Babe.