Chicago Must Have: Willingness to Share Personal Space

On Sunday afternoon I had some unfortunate timing.

I jumped on the train headed to up to Lincoln Park right before a Cubs game.

Those of you unfamiliar with Chicago may be asking, "Why is that unfortunate?" Well let me tell you.  Lincoln Park is just a few stops before Wrigleyville (the home of Wrigley Field where the Cubs play), so the train was packed. We're talking, "Are we in Japan?" packed.

The really unfortunate part? I jumped on the train headed home as the game was ending. This meant I got a second helping of sardine central.

As someone who rides public transportation pretty regularly, I can say that my attachment to my personal space is slowly disappearing.

No Personal Space

I've come to realize that to survive the CTA one must be willing to share her personal space.

That's not always easy. Some days I'm more willing than others to take an armpit in the face. Occasionally eyes are rolled and more than once I've given a fellow rider a nasty look. But on the whole I'm getting more and more comfortable with surrendering my personal space for the convenience of public transportation.

What about you? How close is too close for comfort?