Chicago Must Have: Walking Shoes

When you do as much wandering as I do, there is one thing that you MUST HAVE to survive. You must have a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

This summer I've been living in my Sperry Angelfish slip-ons. They are rediculously comfortable. They're neutral in color so they go with everything. But most importantly they are closed-toe.

I know it's hot outside. I know there are a billion adorable, comfortable sandal options out there. Buuuuut, it's just like Cait says, if there's liquid on the ground in Chicago, you should assume it's a bodily fluid. And there's plenty of liquid on the ground in Chicago. Therefore, keeping my tootsies covered up is my A #1 goal.

It's also important to stress, that while I want my walking shoes to be comfortable and cover my toes, I would never, I repeat NEVER, wander around the city in my gym shoes. In my humble opinion the only time it is acceptable to wear your gym shoes is when you are headed to or from your work out.

Let it be known, nothing screams TOURIST (and possibly, "I've given up") like a pair of gym shoes in the city.

To keep my feet from screaming those unintended messages, here are a few other options that either are or need to be in my walking shoe wardrobe.

Walking Shoes

1 | 2* | 3 | 4** | 5 | 6

Which pair belongs on your tootsies?
Do you have a pair of warm weather shoes fit for wandering that you swear by?

*These little puppies are called "Molly" and they are Born so you know they are the epitome of comfort.
**I do not consider Converse to be gym shoes.