Nail Polish Options For Trendy Adults

Confession: Although I would consider myself a very girly girl I don't typically find myself stockpiling beauty products. There is one very important exception to this rule.

Nail Polish. I am a nail polish junkie.

Since I've made the fiscally responsible switch from biweekly spa manicures to those of the at-home variety, I've ditched the tried and true french manicure for finger tips featuring lots of color, texture and variety.

Imagine how excited I was to open this email from my sweet friend Leslie* last week.
I want to wear a fun, bright nail polish since the summer months have arrived. However, I'm in my mid-30's and don't want to wear something that screams, 'Oh lord, that woman is trying really hard to be 21 again.' 
Any suggestions?
I think bright colors that aren't classic scare me. I'm more of a classic girl, but don't mind a nudge that pushes me out of that so I can be a little bit trendy. I don't care for neon colors, but wouldn't mind some other shoves in the right direction.
Challenge accepted.

Here are my Top 5 "Even though You're 30ish you Can Still have Trendy Nails" suggestions:

essie ~ Off the Shoulder
essie: Off the Shoulder

I'm opening up gently here. This is a "classic" pink that almost crosses the line into the neon realm. It's on my toes as we speak, however, I'm sparing you that picture. Neon colors are undoubtedly hot right now. But if, like Leslie, you're not comfortable glowing in the dark this little number is the perfect compromise. It's bright, it's summery, it's lady like and it's almost day glow. Almost.

I've been lusting after this peachy dream ever since Ashleigh posted this pic on Instagram a few weeks ago. If neons are hot this season than pastels are on fire. And with Tangerine Tango named fashion's pantone color of 2012, peach seems like a logical pastel to try.

essie ~ Bikini so Teeny & Julep ~ Robin

No doubt pastel blue nails are a hit this season also. In fact, if you're wearing blue nail polish right now, raise your hands. Uh, huh that's what I thought. In the past month I've found two very different blues that have become quick favorites. I was excited to get essie's cornflower blue Bikini So Teeny as a Klout Perk last week and immediately put it on my fingers. Please tell me I'm not the only one who stares at their nails for hours after a new manicure wearing a cheesy grin.

I'm also totally ga-ga for Julep's Robin. I joined Julep with the intention of doing a free month promotion and then cutting the strings. But each month, the colors are so tempting I convince myself to stay in just one more month. If you're interested in joining use this link and I'll get a referral credit. (Look I'm not pretending like I don't want free stuff - we all know how these things work). Truthfully, July would be a fun month to join since each box includes a patriotic sparkly polish FREE. Plus, if you enter the code "PENNYINTRO" your first month only costs one cent! nudge, nudge.

When Cait of Pretty and Fun fame shared her current obsession with white manicures, she immediately added a "to do" to my list. As a loyal OPI fan, I intend to add Funny Bunny to my collection. Funny Bunny is a soft white pearl that was a part of the Garden Party Collection. I'm excited not only to try something different, a la white nails, but also to try one of their gel polishes. Has anyone used one yet? Opinions?

Salon Effects
Sally Hansen: Frock Star and Love Letter
Who's tried the Sally Hansen nail polish strips? Last month, I got my very first ever Influenster beauty box in the mail and was thrilled to find these Frock Star strips inside. I found them easy to apply, fun to wear and no more difficult to remove than your typical sparkle nail polish. (read: harder than non-sparkle nail polish but nowhere near impossible) Since some might consider fully sparkled nails a bit on the "forever young" spectrum of polishes, I did a bit of research and found a more mature alternative. I'm looking forward to trying out Love Letter next.

I see the amazingly beautiful nail art all over Pinterest just like you do. It makes me oooo. It makes me ahhhhhh. But if I'm being honest, it takes an act of God to get a my right hand painted and have it not turn out streaky or jacked up. Trying to apply "nail art" is probably beyond my skill level. The great thing about the variety of Salon effects patterns is that you're able to jump on the nail art trend without having all the nail art skills.

What nail trend are you dying to apply this summer?

*Leslie, I linked to your blog.
I'm hoping it spurs you on to publish something new.
You are missed in the blog universe.