When I gave up my full time job I very, very willingly gave up the regular manicures and pedicures that I had grown accustomed to.  The expense seemed like it was a logical one to cut.  What I wasn't able to give up, however, was my love for beautiful nails.  There is just something about having my nails all dolled up that makes me feel like a pretty, pretty princess. The handsome hubby regularly laughs when he catches me staring at my nails hours (sometimes days) after I paint them.  It's a sickness and I'll admit I've got it bad. I'm a nail polish junkie.

With that disclosure out the way, please understand that I am currently in a tizzy. Frankly, I blame Rachel Zoe. When I opened my Zoe Report email this morning, I was greeted by the most mesmerizing and hypnotizing polish I've seen in quite some time.

May I introduce you to my latest obsession? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Chanel's top selling color for the Fall, Peridot.

Isn't it unique and lovely? It has me all crazy in love. And in all fairness to Madame Zoe, I had been primed. My obsession isn't strictly her responsibility. I first came across the polish while looking through my InStyle Makeover issue the other night.  I was unquestionably smitten at my very first glance.

My gaga level of fascination sent me on a hunt today.  Twenty-five dollars is a bit more than I'm accustomed to paying for nail polish. I was bound and determined to find a knock off by OPI or Essie or anyone.  I went to Ulta and had no luck.  I tried Sephora.  Again I came up Peridot-less.  At this point I asked the sales girl at Sephora if she had any suggestions. She pointed me in the only direction available - toward a department store that carried Chanel cosmetics.  Enter maaaaaaaaaaaaaajor dilemma.

If only I didn't have to pay an insurance deductible because I was HIT BY A BUS earlier this week, {You did hear that I was HIT BY A BUS? Right?} I would quickly plunk down the $25 and bring that beautiful polish home with me. But, knowing we're going to have a bit of an unexpected expenditure I am having a hard time buying the polish. Why oh why do I have to be so fiscally responsible?