Campy Nostalgia: A Visit to Southfork

For years during my childhood, Friday night meant two things in my house, Imo's pizza and Dallas on television. The Ewings and the Barnes and their family feud was how my parents and I would kick off the weekend. It was a big haired, shoulder padded, cowboy hat wearing weekly tradition.

So imagine my excitement when I had the chance to visit SOUTHFORK ranch earlier this year. The hubby was in training, and I got to join him in Dallas for a few days. While he was in class I snuck out and headed to Parker, TX. I spent the afternoon touring an iconic television homestead. It. Was. Epic.

Southfork - Dallas, TX

It was on that tour, that I realized that soon, very soon, TNT would be airing an all new Dallas! This time around, John Ross and Christopher (J.R. and Bobby's sons) will be the one battling it out. It's a whole new generation of campy, oil soaked, television drama.

And it all starts tonight!

The Southfork Driveway - Dallas, TX

Unfortunately, they weren't filming at Southfork the day that I was there. But, the house was used for location shoots for the new series.  The whole tour staff was happy to share stories of how wonderfully sweet and friendly Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray and Larry Hagman all are. I slurped up every bit of name dropping goodness like any life long Dallas fan certainly would. I was in geeky, fanatic heaven.


My trip to Southfork definitely made my first trip the Longhorn state totally memorable. Not only could I check another state off the Ultimate To DO list, I got to take a step back in time. As bizarre as it is, Southfork is a cherished piece of my childhood. Here's hoping the new series is an equally guilty pleasure.

Is there a television location from your childhood that you'd love to visit?