Culinary Expedition

Sure I miss friends and family in St. Louis. I miss our church and the hustle and bustle of a bigger city. But what I miss most about St. Louis is the food (okay that is a total exaggeration... But I’m taking artistic license for the sake of the blog).

During our most recent trip back we decided to only eat food particular to St. Louis. Since it was a short trip, we barely made a dent in the list. But, it sure was fun.

Saturday we had Imo's pizza for lunch. It is this crunchy, yummy, thin crust, provel cheese topped, "St. Louis style" pizza. This mouth watering creation was Friday night dinner for many of my childhood years. I looked forward to it then, and I crave it now. Totally delicious.

Sunday, after church, we had burgers at O'connell's Pub. And they were as greasy and delicious as I remember them. No frills, just a burger and a bun. And it goes without saying that the onion rings and fried mushrooms deserve an honorable mention in the bar food hall of fame. While the meal should probably be served with a defibrillator, it is worth the every yummy calorie.

Of course we had to get some Ted Drewes, the very best frozen custard in the world. I had the cardinal sin which is a concrete of custard, sour cherries and hot fudge. My mouth waters just thinking about it... And even though we went late Sunday night, the lines reached the street. But I’d wait through that line twice for some more right now.

On our way out of town, we stopped by The Cup. And though I may be biased, since their sister store did our wedding cake, I think a good case could be made for these being the best cupcakes on earth. And talk about fortunate ~ it was red velvet week!!! It's my newest favorite flavor.

Of course there are tons of St. Louis eats we missed... Like toasted ravioli and pork steaks... But we crammed in quite a taste of the city in just a few short days. We crossed the Mississippi with our arteries clogged, our bellies full and giant smiles on our faces.


Whitney said...

wow- that post totally made me hungry. I do love me some St. Louis food! I'll take some toasted ravioli & ted drews please.

Amie said...

when is the next time you'll be coming in to dine on more of the fine st. louis fare?...i LOVE the cardinal sin..and because of tristan-imo's is a staple in our home....chris and nichole took bradley and lainie to o'connels before the wedding (nichole made lainie wear a bib so as not to drip grease from the fries and o. rings on her dress!)