Mmm Mmm Monday: Chicago Dogs

I have never hidden my love for hot dogs. I am a fanatic. {It's something I have in common with my sweet friend Lexi} And when it comes to hot dogs, for my $3.50, a Chicago dog is always the clear winner. To illustrate my obsession, I'll go ahead and admit that 2 of my last five meals in Chattanooga were Chicago Dogs from one of my favorite Chattanooga restaurants Good Dog. In fact, it was at Good Dog where I had my first ever Chicago dog. A trip to the Windy city a few months later provided my first "street" version of the tasty concoction. From that point on, my love affair has never wavered. I am hooked.

Kim & Carlos Hot Dog Stand Chicago

So, please understand the joy it brings me to tell you that within walking distance of our place, Kim & Carlo's Hot Dog Stand makes its home. Nestled in the heart of Museum plaza this provider of deliciousness is one of my favorite haunts. We've visited on cold and cloudy days; we've been there when the sun is shining. And no matter the weather, the Chicago dogs are always on point.

Chicago Dog (aka Heaven on a bun)

For those wondering, let me break down for you the anatomy of a Chicago dog.  It is a steam simmered all beef (though Kim & Carlo offer a vegan alternative too) dog on a steamed poppy seed bun. The dog is then dressed with yellow mustard, white onion, crazy neon green pickle relish, tomato slices, pickled sport peppers for some spice, a dill pickle spear and a sprinkle of celery salt.  My mouth is watering right now. Sounds like a lot to put on a bun, right? And it is. Here's the thing, all those toppings require that the dog be eaten very quickly as to avoid a soggified bun. I'm proud to admit that I have no problem accomplishing that task.

But, you want to know something that makes Kim & Carlo's dogs more special than your average Chicago dog? Check out the view.

Kim & Carlos Hotdog Stand - dogs + a view

The stand is currently parked right in front of the Shedd Aquarium. Surrounded by two beautiful museums, looking over Lake Michigan and Navy Pier and backing up to the Chicago skyline, from every direction the view is glorious.

Chicago Dog (aka Sir Barks a lot)
{obligatory shot of the other Chicago Dog in my life}

While some may argue that a dirty water dog surpasses the Chicago variety (I'm talking to you, Cait), I have to respectfully disagree. While I would never, ever, ever turn down a street dog in New York, I have to give my endorsement to the Chicago dog. Its plethora of "we almost look healthy" toppings is undeniably more exciting. Every bite is an adventure. And the in-your-face spice of those pickled sports peppers makes my mouth happy.

Three cheers for Kim & Carlo's hot dog stand and three cheers for the Chicago dog in general. I excitedly anticipate many, many more shared moments of deliciousness in the future.

What's on top of your favorite hot dog?