My Kind of Town - Chicago Is

I know I've written that St. Louis is my favorite city. I've asserted that New York is the best city on Earth.  And most recently I've suggested that perhaps D.C. would be an amazing place to live.  But, after this weekend, there's a new contender for world's bestest city.  I'm in love with Chicago. 

(yes, I'm fickle...)

This weekend, the hubby and I headed up there to meet some of my family to celebrate Christmas a little bit early.

Here we all are taking a family portrait in the bean.

We did some sightseeing and a bit of shopping on Michigan Ave.

Most of it was of the window variety.

And how could I help but fall truly, madly, deeply in love with the city?  Even with subzero wind chills!
I mean, The Joffrey ballet and oodles of live theatre and music. World Class museums.  Great food.  Excellent public transportation.  Shopping, shopping, shopping.  Not to mention the four seasons and Midwestern location.

Dear Santa...

But back to this weekend. Saturday night while we were eating dinner, the sky started to drop buckets of big, white, fluffy snowflakes.  My sisters and I were like giddy school kids running around anticipating a snow day.  It was magical.

Little did we know those big fluffy snowflakes would develop into five to six inches of snow, 40+ mile an hour winds and moments of sheer white out.  When we woke up the next morning the weather was a bit challenging.  It definitely made for an interesting trip home.  In the end, the hubby and I were super fortunate.  Although 80-90% of flights out of O'Hare were cancelled on Sunday, we were able to get out of town and made it through Atlanta (where there was also snow and chilly, chilly weather) and all the way home to sleep in our own warm bed.  The 13 hour travel adventure was one for the books.  Definitely an intense end to a memorable trip!

Anyone else have a crazy travel day on Sunday???