"Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of..."

You know how I'm always bellyaching and whining about missing St. Louis?  "I want to move back to St. Louis.  Waaaa. I miss home. Boo Hoo. Living in St. Louis would make me haaaaappy."  (It's okay to shake your head in agreement, I'm fully aware of my repetitive complaints.)  Welp, I have a secret to share.  There's a city that I love about a million times more than the Gateway to the West.

New York City 

What's NOT to love, right?

Since I haven't been there since early 2001, I was beyond excited to get to go back last week.

The trip was a total tourist's dream.  Four full days and three nights led by a terrific tour guide with stops at nearly every sight to be seen.  We walked and walked blocking crowded sidewalks and staring at skyscrapers with our mouths gaping open.  We took pictures in Times Square and Central Park and around every corner. 


We had the great pleasure of seeing both Wicked and Next to Normal.  This was my first experience seeing Next to Normal and it was utterly amazing.  The music, the book, the sets and the cast were all way beyond my expectations. The show is moving and funny and surprising and spectacular. 


I also had a couple of chances to scarf down street dogs.  Yummy! I believe they taste especially good around midnight in Times Square surrounded by several thousand of your closest friends.  By the way, I've spared you the photo of me actually biting into the hot dog taken by one of my fellow travelers.  It isn't pretty.  So, you're welcome.

"Don't shoot me from that angle!  This toga makes my butt look fat." ~Lady Liberty


Traveling with my bestie made the trip even more fun.  Are we cute or what?


We got to visit The Met and MoMA all in one day.  It almost doesn't seem fair that we experienced that much beauty in a single 24 hour period.


Of course we stopped in China town where I had my first ever bubble tea.  In case you haven't noticed, what I eat and drink on vacay is almost as important as what I see and do...   For the record, I think Bubble Tea is a little bit weird but that didn't stop me from slurping down every drop.


Being back for a few days reminded me how intense and invigorating and awe inspiring the city truly is.  I've fallen in love all over again.

How about you?  Is there a particular city that makes your heart skip a beat?