Quick Bloglette

I'm distressed and confused.  Can someone please explain to me why a person might want to wear the term "redneck" as a badge of honor?  The question arose on a recent road trip when I noticed a plethora of bumper stickers celebrating the fact that the owner of the car was a redneck.  Really?

This is something you want to brag about?

Are you sure?

Do you remember when Oprah and Jay-Z had their debate about the "N" word? She was all, "No, no, no." He was was, "'N,' please." I had always sided with Jay-Z believing that the rebranding of the word by the black community was an empowering thing.  But, suddenly I'm understanding Oprah's point of view a little better.

What's your take on the whole "Redneck and proud of it" phenomena?

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