Down by the River

The tour of Chattanooga continues today with a glimpse of the Chattanooga Riverpark.

Before I start, I just have to say that I kind of feel like these pictures speak for themselves.  I’ve mentioned Lexi before, but I have to brag on her again.  She has really captured the beauty of the Riverpark and I feel like my words aren’t even adequate.  Obviously, I'm going to try.  But, I’ll totally understand if you skip my part and focus solely on her beautiful photography.

The Riverpark stretches eight miles down the Tennessee River from the Aquarium to the TVA Dam.  It’s not only gorgeous, but it’s meticulously cared for and has been an ideal place for me to begin my running career.  There’s a killer paved running/walking/biking trail that runs mostly along the shore. With its stellar views and intermittent public sculpture it makes working out – even running – a pleasure.  But, don’t misunderstand the park isn’t ONLY about the trail.

Yesterday we shot pictures at the Boat Dock.  There are also pavilions, a playground and lots of picnic tables and benches throughout to just relax and enjoy the ambiance.

I'm telling you, this place is really breathtaking.

Now, for the clothes…

Navy Cashmere Sweater: 2nd Hand J.Crew
Plaid Pants: 2nd Hand The Limited
Green and Gold Flats: Payless
Mikimoto Pearls: Family Heirlooms

Okay, now it’s time to head over and check out Miss Lexi’s new blog, Vessel Unto Honour!  Make sure and tell her what an incredibly talented photographer she is and that you appreciate all the research she’s doing to make beautiful pictures for all of us to enjoy.