Not Only a Vain Endeavor

Most of my life I've kept journals. My journals have been a way for me to work through issues, to learn lessons and to come to realizations about myself and my life. (a bit like this blog) Here's the issue... I RARELY go back and read those journals. Sooooo, sometimes I figure stuff out, write it down in the journal and then put the journal away. Which means the lesson is occasionally forgotten.

I fear a similar thing may happen with this blog from time to time.

Actually it kind of already has. A few months ago, I wrote this post. At the time I had discovered that getting up, getting dressed and feeling "pretty" helped to lighten my mood and kick start my day.

Fast forward 5 months and I'd all but forgotten that lesson. With a full time job as a homemaker and a part time job as a fitness instructor I began to spend my days looking (and being) a little grubby. That is why I decided to start a brand new blog. Leaving the House in THIS?!? is my little wardrobe accountability partner. It's a place where I intend to post pictures of clothes. More specifically, the blog will feature my clothes... with me in them, of course. I realized that I'm so fortunate because my wardrobe is more than just work-out wear and grubby-clean-the-house stuff. I have a closet full of fully wearable, occasionally fashionable, clothing. If I give myself a little accountability, maybe the clothes will come out of the closet and make their way onto my body ... and for God's sake maybe I’ll take a shower and do my hair now and again.

I know the world doesn't NEED another blog and you guys may not WANT another daily read. But, if you're curious, I'd love for you to stop by and check it out.

And as far as any other lessons that may have been lost, I'm starting an archiving project of old posts published on A Foreign Land. This is going to force me to re-read and probably re-learn a few lessons that I've all but forgotten since I started back in 2006. Fair WARNING: keep an eye out for some re-published posts. I hope this won’t be as painful as re-reading journals I kept in High School… the horror!!!

If you keep journals, do you ever go back and re-read them?