An Open Letter

Dear Zucchini Bread,

I owe you an apology. For years I've avoided you like the plague because, I mean, Zucchini, eww.  But, now I know how wrong I was.

After finishing nearly two full loaves of you this week (before you get all judgey, they were small loaves, people) I realize that I am the one who has been missing out.

Your cinnamony, home baked goodness is nothing like your cousin, mushy gushy baked zucchini that I was forced to eat as a child.  You are delicious.  You are a treat.

Whether eaten alongside my morning coffee, snacked on mid-day for a little pick-me-up or served warmed and smothered in butter for dessert, you never disappoint.  I am so thankful that not only are there two more loaves of you in the freezer but I have several more zucchini in the fridge.  And now that I know how delicious you are I would never, ever dream of using those little guys for anything other than bread.

Again, I am heartily sorry for having misjudged and underestimated your yummosity in the past.  Rest assured it is not a mistake I will make again.

Your Newest and Biggest Fan,

Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook
(p.s. I would NEVER contaminate MY zucchini bread with walnuts or pecans... but you do as you wish)