Photo Challenge - Day 10

Day 10A Picture that you took at one time that you Love
Maya – age 4

Day 10?!? “But what happened to day 09,” you ask? Whelp, I had to put Day 09 into the corner in a time out. He’s been tormenting me over the past few weeks.  His antics have been keeping me from moving forward and finishing this challenge. Who knows, I may let him out eventually. But for now, I don’t like his attitude. So, he’s staying put.

The picture above was taken recently of my cousin Princess Maya. She had her 5th birthday just this week, but I captured this moment earlier this summer at my sister’s wedding. I'm pretty sure Maya knew I was taking her picture – I believe we share the photographissawareness gene – but she played along and pretended she didn’t. I love that she appears to be lost in her own imaginary world. My guess is she’s figuring out what adorable attention grabbing performance to present next. I'm quite certain between nurture and nature this one is destined for super stardom.

I'm now at the half way mark of Krystal’s super fun photo challenge. Even though she finished it WEEKS ago, you can still check out her blog, Village, for challenge round ups and all around general good times. There are still a few of us lagging behind but I intend to finish VERY SOON. (I promise, Krystal!)