Photo Challenge - Day 11

Day 11 - The Oldest Picture in Your Files
Me (a looooong time ago)

So, I didn't take this picture because, ummmmmm, it's of me.  You see, back in the day we didn't do the whole hold the camera and take a pic of yourself thing all that often.  Plus, I was pretty little and perhaps not capable of operating my grandfather's camera anyway.

But it is DEFINITELY old. Like 30ish years old.

And it is one of my favorite pictures ever taken of me.

I keep on chugging along on Krystal’s photo challenge. Hey, I've got an idea.  You should head on over there and check out her fantabulous blog, Village, for the challenge round ups and all sorts of other fun stuff.  As if that isn't enough, Krystal's guest posting over at After I do today.  She's all over the place, which I find super exciting.