Thankful Thursday/ Episode 52

This month I have a couple of fun events that are FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY happening. 

My sister's wedding and a trip to NYC are back to back parties that start in just a few days!  I can't believe they are finally here.  The wedding has been in the works for more than a year now... and have I mentioned how much I lurvvvvve weddings?  I get to be a bridesmaid and see family from across the country (different crazies than those I mentioned here) AND I bought a bridesmaid dress that I will ... wait for it... actually wear againI know, right?  But, it's for real.  It's one of those urban legends that has leaped from "no way!" to "Uh, huh. It's hanging in my closet!"  But before any of that delicious celebration I get to go back to New York City.  AHHHHHH!  Let's just say that I've been counting the days like some sort of maniac looking forward to this trip since the day I heard it was possible 6 months ago!  And six months to a girl with a shortage of gratification delay, equals an eternity.

Episode 52: "Today I am thankful for ... anticipation."

Isn't it fun to look forward to something?  I dare say anticipation has outshone the actual event once or twice in my life - ahem, college graduation ceremony, I'm talking to you.

Now, I'm sure neither of these events will disappoint.  In fact, I pray that both the trip and the wedding far exceed anything that I could imagine.  I can't wait to see what's in store!  But for now I'm just so excited to be excited.  It's a gift to have fabulous things to look forward to in life.  To imagine all the wonderful fun, all the beautiful sites and the life long memories that are waiting for me a few days in the future is a gift.

So today, I am thankful.