Yet Another Sign of Aging

Remember how I mentioned that I had some sort of mysterious ankle injury? There was nothing broken or sprained just some faint bruising, a bit of swelling and some minimal pain. Anyway, I stayed out of Cardio Dance for a whole week allowing it to rest and recover. Uh, huh. An ENTIRE Week. You read that right. And you better believe that THAT took some serious restraint. But, so, ya, I did it and I’m pleased to report that when I returned to class last week the ankle was feeling much better. Woo Hoo. It was sweet recovery all packaged up in some minimal sacrifice yielding great reward. Really, that’s how life should ALWAYS work out if you ask me.

All’s well now except for one minor thing. Every time a storm comes rolling in my ankle starts to throb like crazy. It isn’t the type of pain that I was experiencing before, now it’s some sort of dull ache deep in my bone. And I'm not even being overly dramatic or hypochondriatic (wait, is that even a word? – well, if it is or if it isn’t I'm totally NOT being it). It has happened three {1. 2. 3} times in the past few days!

I have old woman weather alert ankle!

Picture me sitting in a rocking chair with my teeth in the glass beside me. I'm rubbing my ankle and saying something like, “I believe there’s a storm-a-brewing.” Honestly, that appears to be the direction my body is taking me.

Normally I would argue that I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too young to be predicting storms with my bones.
But, the throb in my ankle has convinced me otherwise.

I'm assuming a prune heavy diet and support hose can’t be too far away.

Happy Birthday Old Lady! Pictures, Images and Photos

image borrowed from nsxjesse on photobucket.  you can find it right here.