Starred for Your Reading Pleasure

When I was working full time I used to read blogs and dream about when I would have time to try the recipes, or read the books or attempt the DIY projects. I’d “star” each post in my Google reader having every intention to follow up one day. Well, I’ve now been funemployed for three months and ask me how many projects I’ve attempted. I’ll tell you how many, zeee-ro. It’s a sad, sad truth. In fact, until a few days ago I never even revisited my collection of “starred” posts!  Why oh why did I wait?  It was a goldmine.

It was a goldmine too good not to be shared.  So, I put together a little list.  Don't worry it's just oneish post from each month this year. You won't be here ALL day.  Plus, you'll need something to enjoy while I'm on the plane to NYC tomorrow. Feel free to “star” them yourself and take months to get back to them. Truth is, my intentions aren't completely altruistic.  Are they ever?  I also put this list together and put it IN WRITING for all of you to see and take note.  These are projects that I intend to tackle when I'm back in the groove of everyday normal life.  Anyone up for holding me accountable?

I present the following brilliant posts for your reading pleasure:

1.  Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter from Smitten Kitchen on January 17, 2010 ~ I'm totally in love those curly spaghetti noodles! Any idea where on Earth I can get them??  I may be kidding myself, but this sauce seems like something even I could make with some success.  It also appears to be something that even the picky handsome hubby would devour.

2.  Be prepared to fall in love with this “graceful” navy dress from ModCloth that the Elizablog shared on February 13, 2010.  I'm kicking myself right now for not looking through these posts prior to packing. I mean can you just picture THIS for a night on the broad way? Talk about a gorgeous collar and an even more gorgeous price. Certainly there is another wedding or event in the near future that will require the attendance of this dress. …or more specifically ME wearing this dress.

3.  Do you have a closet full of fabulous scarves that you are sick of wearing the same way over and over?  Me too. Check out a different way to tie a funky knot on the Sartorialist. This one was posted back on February 26, 2010 and I’ve used this knot a couple of times since. Just one thing to say about it, when I tie this one on I look good.

4.  Donald Miller said if I read these Seven Books I’ll be a better writer. I believe him.

5.  Here’s a little ditty for those of us with limited DIY skills and an abundant desire to be fashionably edgy. This Safety Pin belt/choker/cuff that the endlessly creative …love Maegan shared on April 27, 2010 is fantabulous. Her majorly chic blog always – and I mean on a reg.u.lar basis - has super cute and easy DIYs. Though I haven’t tried this one, I have attempted others that she’s posted.  I can testify that the end results have garnered compliments and envious stares.

6.  How about this list of the Ten Best Documentaries according to A Cup of Jo that I found on May 21, 2010? I’ve watched a few already and as an ├╝berfan of documentaries I cannot wait to finish off her list! Are there any that you would add?  A Cup of Jo is a blog that I just started reading. Where have I been, right?  Her mega-blog is stylish and charming.  You should run over there and congratulate her on her brand new little one!

So, as you visit these links think of me boarding a jet plane before the sun rises tomorrow morning.  Never fear, I do not intend to allow you to miss me while I'm travelling.  Oh, come on.  Just admit it.  You would miss me.  But I would NEVER let you suffer in that way.  I promise.