It's Inevitable

I’m the first to admit that life throws curve balls regularly. I'm not even close to having this world figured out so I'm constantly surprised and caught off guard by people’s (and often MY OWN) actions and reactions.

But there are a few things that I’ve come to count on with assurance.
  1. If I don’t get to Target the very day Southern Savers posts an ahhh-mazing coupon deal, the vultures will have yanked EVERY sale item off the shelf.
  2. If I ask the handsome hubby what he thinks about an interior decorating idea I have, he will answer that he doesn’t like it but will not be able to communicate WHY or provide me with an alternative idea that he DOES like.  (oh ya, it's a ton fun)
  3. The sales girls at my neighborhood Walgreens will be rude to me no matter how polite I am.
  4. The Jehovah’s Witnesses will keep knocking on my door on Saturday mornings trying to “save” me no matter how many times I tell them, “I AM A Jesus loving, bible reading, CHRISTIAN!!! We’re on the same team! Mark me down on your list as ‘not worth the doorbell ring’ and move it along, sister.”
  5. If we leave the bathroom door open and the dog unattended, this is certain to happen…
DISCLAIMER: This Video Contains Adultish Themes

Now, my cousin Nichole swears that this sort of behavior is actually an act of dominance. “He’s just being bossy,” she tells me. I'm afraid the look on his face when he gets caught tells a different story.

So tell me, what’s on your list of life’s inevitabilities?