Just to be Posting Something

It’s never been my plan to post nothing just for the sake of posting something. But, today Imma blow that plan all to hell.

My week, thus far has been jam packed with Cardio Dance classes, housework, Unaccustomed Earth, Season 3 of Lost, and Oreos.

I guess we’ll start with my newest hobby. It’s Wednesday and I’ve taken 4 dance classes already this week; 3 Cardio Dance + 1 Zumba. Why, yes I'm obsessed.  Thanks for pointing that out.  Not to mention it's clear that I'm totally unfamiliar with the concept of moderation (as evidenced by, um, my life). What can I say? The classes are the perfect combination of hip-hop music, shaking my thang and natural endorphins. If I could take multiple classes a day I would (and do). I'm prone to exaggeration, it’s true… But I don’t think I'm exaggerating when I say that these classes have changed my outlook on exercise.  I now love it.

Meanwhile, have I mentioned how much I despise housework? Odd considering my recent career change, eh? Seriously though, I endure embrace the daily chores – dishes, making the bed, dealing with the pets, watering plants. It’s the once a month week chores that drive me nuts. Things like mopping the kitchen floor or scrubbing the toilet and tub. Can we all just collectively agree that these tasks really suck? They’re pointless. As soon as I finish scrubbing the tub, for instance, it’s right back to collecting dirt. I can’t even be enticed by a sense of accomplishment because the clean doesn’t last! So this is where the Oreos have come into play. I’ve resorted to outright bribery. If I complete a task, I get an Oreo or 3. If it’s a particularly gross or time consuming task I get to watch an episode of Lost or read one of the short stories in Unaccustomed Earth – while I eat an Oreo or 3. (See previous paragraph detailing exercise regimen before judging, please.)

By the way, Unaccustomed Earth was a totally fantastic book. I'm definitely a Jhumpa Lahiri fan, but I guess not a mega fan because I’d never heard of this book until my friend recently loaned it to me. Truth be told she basically gave me a great reason to take breaks from doing do some housework. There’s nothing like a great book to get you to hurry up and mop the damn kitchen floor so you can get back to reading. Lahiri is an Indian American writer whose storytelling is magnificent. Anything I write tonight will simply fail to do her work justice. So, please, just go get one of her books and thank me later.

In other news, I'm up to Season 3 in my Lost marathon. With just four hours of new show left, I'm savoring every Netflixy minute of the series. So far, I'm the only one I know of that absolutely loved and appreciated last night’s episode.  If nothing else, it kept us from looking at the God-awful hair styling going on this season!  Seriously!  What is up with Sawyer's feathered and highlighted hair?!?!  And Claire's crazy jungle mop needs to be shaved off like they do with Spike when he gets all matted.  It really would be for her own good.  But, I digress.  I think last night's episode answered a bunch of big picture questions. I'm sure you disagree.  It doesn't surprise me.  You're always so contrary.  Anyway, I'm off to watch another old episode on Netflix and eat an Oreo or 3.


CWJ said...

I love reading about your Oreo-eating, dance-obsessed, chore-lamenting, Lost-watching life! Here's a thought: turn on some hip-hop music WHILE you clean so that you can do a little shake your thang cleaning! It's much more fun that way. But still not that fun.

Brian said...

Thanks for all that you've been doing around the house. I appreciate it very much!

Also, I will no longer take any more crap from you about MY eating habits;)

Love you lots!!!

Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

Dang girl you made me what some Oreros!!!!! Hey you still got my phone #? I don't have yours, and we need ti arrange lunch. Call or FB me, wait I'm suppose to be taking a break from FB Drama. lol! Miss you! Oh love your hubby's comment. I love that you guys have a real marriage. Seriously!

lisa c said...

hilarious. now i know what to say to you when you're having a bad day, "eat an oreo or 3!"

Audra said...

Ooooh, I like your Oreo Bribing philosophy. I just might have to put that into practice myself as I'm "enjoying" a day of cleaning! =D