Thankful Thursday/ Episode 50

A couple of weeks ago, the temperature started rising and so we cranked up the air conditioner for the first time this year. It churned for about 4 hours and we continued to sweat like pigs perspire and glisten. The handsome hubby noticed that after all that time the temperature had only dropped 2 degrees.

Wamp. Wamp.

Thankfully, we were expecting an HVAC guy to come out the next day for the seasonal check up. It was an appointment that my husband had probably made a week earlier.

Episode 50: “Today I am thankful for … PERFECT timing.”

The story gets better. We’ve been in our house for just over two years now. We knew when we moved in that the heating/ac unit had another three or so years in it before it had to be replaced. So, wisely, my husband continued to purchase the home warranty last year and then again a month ago when it came up for renewal. A. Month. Ago. It seemed like a bit of an expenditure considering we don’t know how long we’ll be in this house. But, the hubby is a REAL insurance guy. And now, I'm so glad he is!

When the HVAC guy came showed up he let us know the unit was leaking Freon all over the place and rather than refill it, he was suggesting we replace it. Replacing a unit he explained (this isn’t including labor) would cost $4000+ IF WE DIDN’T HAVE A HOME WARRANTY. Thankfully we do!

So, we called the warranty company and they informed us that they would have to order the unit and would let us know when it could be replaced. Now, I don’t know if you remember, but the last couple weeks (except for a day when we were in Tybee Island – sorry, Howell) the weather has been extremely mild. It’s just been yesterday and today that the temperature has started to creep up into the land of sticky and almost uncomfortable. AND GUESS WHAT? Our new unit came in YESTERDAY and was installed TODAY! Thankfully since our house holds on to cool temps beautifully it really wasn’t until just this afternoon that the thermostat read above 72ish.

As I write this the new unit is installed, cool air is blowing and our thermostat is right back in the comfortable zone!

Perfect timing.

So today, I'm thankful.


lisa c said...

oh...yes, thanks for sharing the ac guy with us! one more days of allergens coming in our home was going to be the near death of me!

i will now eat oreos until i recover!

Olivia said...

Congratulations on keeping cool!
Just passed on a "Sweet Blog" award to you over at Of Such is the Kingdom. Thanks for writing a great blog!