Thankful Thursday/ Episode 46

I gathered a group of friends who know NOTHING about college basketball and we’ve filled out NCAA brackets. Over the next few weeks I will be tracking games and trash talking over a $14 pot. (Each of us threw in $2) I’m writing this post right now, because as it stands my bracket is still healthy and I’m completely optimistic. Of course the fact that there have only been eight games played to completion is a big reason why I’m feeling this way.

Episode 46: “Today I am thankful for… a little competition between friends.”

Generally speaking, I’m SUPER competitive. I do not like to lose. Not that anyone LIKES to lose. But, I REALLY don’t like to lose. In my younger years you probably wouldn’t hear me say, “I’m taking my ball and going home.” It’s more likely that I would take my ball, bounce it off your face and flip you the bird while I stormed off. While I’ve gotten most of that stuff worked out, the ├╝ber competitive girl still rears her nappy head on occasion. So, I’m continuing to work on losing with grace. I figure it’s a skill I should master now that I’m into my 30s. I really don’t want to be THAT GUY for the rest of my life. And what better way to work on this trait than to “compete” with friends? Seriously. It’ll be fun. AND this contest has little to do with skill and won’t reflect poorly on my performance or hurt my ego! Picking teams in an NCAA bracket is a total game of chance. March madness typically has upsets around every corner.


Of course, looking at my bracket there’s a good chance I won’t be learning how to lose during this tournament. I’m in it to win it and might even buy a stick of gum for each of my faithful readers with my enormous jackpot.

So today, I am thankful.

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