Spring Has Sprung

Some seasons are just plain better than others in Chattanooga. Spring happens to be one of those "better" seasons. To celebrate its beginning, several of us went to the park to play.

What'd you think of my Heathers moment during our croquet game? It isn't surprising to hear that after that dirty trick I ended up LOSING the game... Good news though, my loss didn't even ruin the fun I had.

Ms. Spring, we're so happy to have you back in town. Please, make yourself comfortable and stay awhile.


Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

Amen sister! I miss you! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

lisa c said...


(because, of course, this was one of the greatest days ever!)

i am so glad brian caught some of the quotes...

"you are winning everything!" molly to hillary

"you are dead to me." hillary to molly

"it's a good thing the guys didn't play the girls; we'd be getting our butts handed to us." brian's epiphany