Not-Cho Typical Fountain

While some of you may have enjoyed a chocolate fountain before... I wonder, have you ever experienced a nacho cheese fountain?? Because I have, and I'm here to tell you it was AWEsome.

Last week we hosted our annual volunteer appreciation luncheon. Since we've recently survived a name change and are in the process of re-branding we decided to go with a whole NEW type of Christmas get together. We had a Christmas Fiesta catered by Lee's (a fantastic local catering company). The meal was fresh Mexican food and it was YUMMY. Even better than the fresh guacamole, magical beans (we're talking TO DIE FOR), and ice cream sundae bar was the nacho cheese fountain accompanied by "the Lord's Chips"!

Go ahead, let your mouth water. It was a treat that I will not soon forget.

* Soundbite from the 2006 Paramount Pictures Film Nacho Libre starring Jack Black


Brian said...

That looks yummy but there's still nothing I'd rather see spilling out of a fountain than milk chocolate:)

Molly Page said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! My husband commented on my blog. 2 Christmas miracles in one day :) thanks, baby

Lbeck said...

Us "Texans" would call that a queso fountain.

Lbeck said...

Us "Texans" would call that a queso fountain. And we put queso on everything, so why not a fountain?