Thankful Thursday/ Episode 37

This was not intended to be a Thankful Thursday post. I've just been all aflutter with Christmas goings on and I haven't sat down to post this. And now here it is Thursday... and while I have a multitude of intangibles to be thankful for AGAIN this week, instead I'm going to be thankful for material schtuff.

Do you remember my Big Girl Wish List? Well, a couple of family members faithful readers have generously helped me check some items off the list. There are several new toys around my house!!

Episode 37: "Today I am thankful for ... wishes coming to life!"

You'll remember, I was already able to check cast iron skillet off the list thanks to Lisa. And now, thanks to David's recommendation we've gotten a raw cast iron dutch oven from Cabela's! It is wonderful and the hubby has already whipped up several batches of super yummy chili. Check it out:

I warned him. Once he made it successfully, I was off the hook. So, he is now the official Chili chef in our house. I think he might kind of like that, by the way. The pot is pretty heavy and a bit of a beast, but it's going to last a life time. And if we were to ever camp, it could be used in a fire pit too. (can't tell ya when we'll be camping... but maybe)

Then, because I am COMPLETELY spoiled, we got a BEAUTIFUL coated cast iron Le Creuset dutch oven from my mother and sister in law. This one has also been used to make chili (we hosted a chili get together... we don't eat THAT much chili). But even more importantly, it looks A.dorable in our kitchen which is full of red accents. Is it breathtaking or what? It will be a cherished piece for as long as I'm cooking.

Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I just stare at it in amazement since it's so pretty and I can't believe it's actually mine.

And finally, because we are sickly fortunate (I keep telling you, sometimes it's embarrassing)... my sweet, sweet sister-in-law has given me her sewing machine! So watch out world. I'm about to become the ULTIMATE seamstress. (or at least attempt to do some simple DIY projects).

If you're keeping score at home, here's where the list stands:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Staple Gun
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Pretty. Amazing.

Today, I am thankful.

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