Thankful Thursday/ Episode 28

We've had visitors in our center all month. We're training nurses right now so we have to have someone to train them (1 visitor/week) and preggo bellies for them to train on (8 visitors/day). And when there are visitors, you want to make the place extra special lovely, right? I'm not usually head of the hospitality committee around here, but this week the center manager (aka head of the hospitality committee) has been on vacay. So, I got to tidy up and make coffee and greet everyone and all the other stuff that falls under that job description.

In my quest for extra special lovely, I decided to light a candle or two to set some ambiance. They smell pretty. They look pretty. I mean, do I really need to make a case for candles? But remember how I said I'm not usually head of the hospitality committee? By the end of the day, I had gotten into my own stuff and forgotten about the extra special lovely. I left a candle lit in our building over night.

Episode 28: "Today I am thankful for... protection from myself."

Imagine what a crazy fool I felt like when I returned to the center this morning to find the candle STILL LIT!?!?!?!?!? The freakin' thing stayed lit over night and didn't burn the center down. What is particularly crazy is that our alarm system wasn't working last night either. So. Had that forgotten candle lit up the whole place, it wouldn't have even been detected! I can not believe how fortunate I am that I didn't burn our center down last night.

But that's kind of the story of my life. I'm a pro at making awful decisions. And thankfully, I've been protected over and over again. The protection is nothing I've earned. And it never ceases to amaze me. What a comfort to see that often in spite of my over sights, mishaps and outright mistakes I can be protected. Ahhh~mazing.

So today, I am thankful.


Dontmissyoursunsetlady said...

I'm not kidding, i just remembered my aid left a candle burning this AM. I AM VERY bad about candles. I even caught a fish tank top on fire!

Unknown said...

beautiful photo of downtown! i have done the same thing with a candle before and also left our grill on outside for a couple of days. God MUST be watching out for me :-) great blog!