Skillet ~ Check

Not one for delayed gratification, I'm so excited to be already checking one item off my big girl wish list!

After test driving a borrowed cast iron skillet, I quickly put one on my list of "must haves". And guess what? My wish has been granted. My unofficial personal shopper, Lisa (have you abandoned your blog??), thought of me when she saw this navy blue enameled cast iron skillet at an outlet in Louisville.

This is the perfectimo cast iron skillet for the cook-in-training that I am. I'll be able to transfer from the stove top to the oven, which is huge. (None of my non-stick pans allow me to do that.) Plus, this enameled skillet will teach me how cast iron cookware conducts heat without running the risk of damaging the surface of bare cast iron. (Seriously... there are a lot of things that can go wrong - cooking acidic foods, using the wrong tools and scratching it, encouraging rust by cleaning it improperly. And that's just what I know about. That bare cast iron is not for newbies!) The enamel makes it super easy to clean up and most importantly it looks great! It is so much cuter than those traditional clunky, black pieces. And let's be honest... cute is always a factor. Well, at least it is in my kitchen. I'm looking forward to giving it a test drive very soon! Though, I do feel a little pressure to inaugurate it with a culinary success. I'll obviously keep you informed.

With one item checked off, I'm updating my list. We watched an episode of Good Eats last week in which Alton Brown made Red Beans and Rice. The handsome hubby and I were absolutely drooling. One important tip which was stressed was that the dish MUST be made in a cast iron dutch oven. But those Le Creuset pieces cost a small fortune! Need I remind you of my inexperience in the kitchen? What if I messed one of those up? Thankfully, my uncle David just recently sent me a link to a dutch oven I now have my eye on!! (I promise, once I check this one off the list, I'll share the red beans and rice with you, David. Thanks for the tip.)

Behold, the updated big girl wish list.

  • Sewing Machine
  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Hot glue gun
  • Staple gun
  • Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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David said...

Looking forward to the red beans and rice. When are you coming to St. Louis? I have a lot of staplers and would be glad to give you one. I have an electric one that I never use and you are welcome to it. Let me know if I should mail it to you.