"What God has Joined Together..."

Have you ever been to a wedding that is absolutely indicative of the couple's DNA? Last night we were so fortunate to attend the wedding of our wonderful friends and it was just that. Their artistic fingerprints were all over the day from start to finish. Amanda and Ray are a couple that we've gotten to know over the past (almost) two years. She has become one of my favorite people here and it has been a pleasure to watch their relationship grow and develop in the short time I've known them.

Their ceremony was filled with joy. It was funky and meaningful and beautiful without taking itself too too seriously. From the lush greenery covering the stage to their joyful exit to the Beatles "Got to get you Into my Life" (sung by their good friend and bridesmaid) it was total fun. I couldn't help fall in love with the two of them all over again as I watched them pledge to spend their lives together.

Little did I know that the fun was only beginning. Their reception was held in the backyard of a terrifically generous and kind couple. An enormous white tent strung with white twinkle lights was a focal point, but the entire yard was transformed into a wonderland. The tables were strewn with antique books, birdseed filled votive candles and a variety of miniature potted plants. Torches could be found throughout the yard and brightly colored paper lanterns hung from the trees. The whole evening was relaxed and comfortable. And as far as the food... they roasted a pig!!!!!!! And it was some tasty, tasty pork.

As the sun set, the dance floor came to life. The guests danced first to Latin music then to a local DJ under an iron trellis crawling with more living greenery. I heard the reception described perfectly when a friend mentioned that she loved how everything was "so, so fresh". She was right, fresh is a perfect description. It felt organic, and totally warm and inviting. This wedding was a perfect picture of who they are - creative and caring and fun and original. It was a perfect way to celebrate them!

As they headed off to their honeymoon down a row of sparklers, I couldn't help but be so excited for the newly created family! It was the kind of wedding that reminds you why some of us choose to get married in front of friends and family. During the ceremony, the pastor reminded us, that as guests we are called to walk with them through this marriage. We are to encourage them to return home when they run away from one another. We are to love and support them through good times and bad. We are to support their covenant and encourage their relationship. And having been married for only a short time, I already understand that that is no small task. But, I am honored to be charged with that responsibility and look forward to fulfilling my promise.

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