Thankful Thursday / episode 21 (the day after)

Last night I hosted a bridal shower for a wonderful friend. One of my very favorite things to do is throw a party. Afterwards I always feel energized and excited. I love being a hostess. All parts of it are fun to me ~ the planning, the preparing, the stress that it won't all get done, the party itself, and the delicious exhaustion once the event is complete. It's all just a blast.

This particular shower was her "personal shower". For those of you unable to read between the lines there, it was the lingerie shower. You know, the one where she gets undies and glow in the dark body paint and all kinds of stuff for her honeymoon... (and hopefully all the days after!) Since it is really easy for this type of party to get raunchy and uncomfortable pretty quick, I knew I had to make a plan. A little naughty is fun, but too much can get real Rock of Love real fast. Keeping that in mind, I opted to make the details as lady-like as possible in the hopes of sparing my dear friend (and myself) any embarrassment. I was shooting for an appropriately silly, girly night full of yummy food and drinks, close friends and pretty, lacy, feminine gifts.

I figured early on that using china, crystal and glass stemware were the way to go. They just have a way of communicating elegance. No plastic forks for this particular get together. Thankfully, we inherited the most beautiful stemware and china on earth. So last night's soiree was a perfect opportunity to pull it out of the cabinet and put it to work.

Episode 21: "Today I am thankful for ... Family heirlooms."

Honestly, are those not the most beautiful glasses you've ever seen?

We were fortunate that our wedding registry didn't have to be weighed down by the usual suspects. Brian's Grandmother and his Mother passed down many, many items to fill our china cabinet. From a full set of China (the pattern is "Debutante" which I find more than a little amusing), tons of crystal serving dishes and a bunch of the stemware shown above. It's crazy that the patterns are never something that I would have picked out in a store, but they are so perfect! The delicate flowers and intricately cut stems are quite unlike my usual minimalist taste, but I couldn't love them anymore than I do. These gorgeous works of art are older than I am! Imagine if they could tell stories... They've been through several families, several china cabinets and many, many meals. And I am so honored that they are now gracing our table.

There were compliments all night about the beautiful dishes and pretty glasses. It was fun to explain that we are the 3rd generation to enjoy them. It seemed like they made the food and drinks taste better and all the guests feel prettier just holding them. I know it sounds crazy but there is something magical about beautiful family heirlooms. And last night they were the perfect ingredient to my very lady-like ~ and equal parts naughty/feminine ~ event.

So today, I am thankful.

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